The Earned Value – Reply Mail Promotion is the next USPS incentive to help you save money on postage. This promotion runs for 3 months and overlaps with the Mobile Coupon/Click to Call promotion during the month of April. Catalogers can participate in both promotions if they meet the requirements of each. Unlike the Click to Call promotion where most catalogers can easily qualify, this one is going to be for a limited audience since many of you don’t use BRM or CRM. Only those who have order forms (CRM’s) will likely try to participate in this program, however there may be a few catalogers who have BRM’s so you too can participate.

Program Description

Catalogers must register their permits and Mailer IDs (MIDs), and the Permit Imprint account on the Business Customer Gateway to participate. All mailpiece counts for BRM and CRM pieces containing the registered MID(s) that customers return to the registered mailer will be counted. At the end of the promotion, $0.02 will be multiplied by the number of BRM and CRM scans returned. The credit will be applied to the mailer’s Permit Imprint account to be used for future mailings. For example, if there are 1,000 pieces returned and scanned, the credit amount will be $20 (1,000 x .02 = $20).

Program Parameters

Registration Period – January 15 through March 31, 2013

Program Period – April 1 through June 30, 2013

Discount Amount – $0.02 per scanned CRM or BRM

Eligible Mail Classes – BRM/CRM mailpieces can be distributed in any outgoing mailing

Credit Application – Earned rebate credits can be applied to First-Class Mail Presort and Automation letters and Standard Mail letters.


  • Registration/enrollment is required to participate in this program …
  • BRM and CRM must contain the Intelligent Mail barcode with the Mailer ID encoded to qualify as well as an Earned Value Promotion preregistered MID.
  • BRM and CRM pieces can be enclosed in any class, category or shape of mail.
  • Mailers agree to participate in a survey about the promotion.

Rebate Credits: The rebate credit is earned on Reply Mail that is scanned by the IM-VIS system during the promotion period April 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013. Rebate credit will not be earned on pieces scanned after June 30, 2013 even if the outbound mailpiece was sent prior to that date.

Rebate Redemption: Participants can redeem rebate credits for postage on future mailings of First-Class Mail Presort and Automation letters and cards and Standard Mail letters paid from the Permit Imprint account where the Earned Value credit was applied. At this time, there is no expiration on these credits and the earned value or credit may be applied until the mailer has drawn down the balance to zero.

For more information from the USPS on this promotion check out this link.

If you have any questions please contact your Dingley Sales Representative or Rob Nowak.