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Catalog Experts Since 1928

The Dingley Press was founded in Lewiston, Maine in 1928. Since then, we’ve become a nationally recognized operation – surpassing $100 million and employing more than 500 dedicated team members. In 2017, we completed a $17 million expansion to add capacity, and today we are ranked among the largest catalog printers in the United States.

We are a substantial and refreshing alternative to our competition. We distinguish ourselves every day in ways that have made us a jewel in the cataloger marketplace.

Our historical timeline


  • Founded: In Lewiston, Maine
  • Growth:Moves to Portland, Maine and establishes a relationship with L.L. Bean


  • New Location: In Freeport, Maine
  • Growth: Becomes a L.L. Bean tenant, occupying the retail store’s ground floor


  • New Facility: In Freeport, Maine
  • Growth: L.L. Bean relationship thrives as they grow in stature


  • Sold: Purchased by Chris Pierce
  • New Location: In Lisbon, Maine
  • Growth: Achieves the $100 million mark with over 500 employees


  • Sold: To the Sheridan Group
  • Same Location: In Lisbon, Maine
  • Growth: The Sheridan Group helps propel us to national status


  • Sold: Reaquired by Chris Pierce
  • Same Location: In Lisbon, Maine
  • Growth: Currently one of the largest catalog printers in the U.S. and continue to gain market share
Simply put, we get it, and the result is that you get all you need and more than you expect.

Our dedicated sales team

Jim Gibbs

Vice President

Jim Vogel

Sales Executive

Mike Pedersen

Sales Executive

Mark Roenitz

Sales Executive

Greg White

Sales Executive

ReNae Gagnon

Senior Account Executive
Our dedicated employees gives us the ability to provide in depth catalog industry knowledge combined with our unmatched flexibility to help marketers of any size adapt and thrive in the current market. We are not like other printers. It is a given, that we would not continue to grow if we couldn’t provide great value and mailing costs. It’s our obsession with doing the right thing for the customer that really sets us apart.

Our eco-friendly practices

We understand that nothing comes without a price, so we continue seeking out green initiatives to offer our customers. Having begun our career in 1928 right here in the Pine Tree State of Maine, we naturally connect to the environment. Not just the company, but the people and the community we serve here.
  • FSC® Certified: The Forest Stewardship® (FSC) is loyal to responsible management of maintaining a healthy forest. Each employee cannot begin work until they are thoroughly versed in FSC practices.
  • Recycled Waste: We recycle 100% of ALL our waste materials daily. This is our commitment!
  • Sustainable Inks: We meet all requirements of the American Soybean Association (ASA) and proudly carry the SoySeal label. Our inks also get a bio-renewable content (BRC) range up to 40 from NAPIM’s index since they contain about 40% bio-renewable content.
  • The “Maine” Advantage: Our close proximity to paper mills and forests reduces trucking and carbon footprints on all of our printings.

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