The 2013 Mobile Coupon / Click to Call promotion running from March 1st to April 30th, just got easier. And, the best news is you don’t need a mobile optimized website to participate. As a matter of fact you can create your QR code, place it in your layout file and enroll for the program in less than 15 minutes. This doesn’t mean a mobile optimized website can’t be used, because it certainly can. However, we discovered a way for those who don’t have mobile optimized websites to participate in three simple steps:

  1.  Use the link below to quickly generate a QR code that displays your phone number when scanned:
  2.  After you create and download this QR code, place it anywhere in your catalog, except the indicia area, and add directional copy. Directional copy can be as simple as “Scan now to contact our customer service department”.
  3.  Sign-up/enroll for this incentive program at the USPS gateway or ask Dingley to do it for you.

It really is as simple as it sounds. If you have any questions please contact your sales representative or Rob Nowak for more details.