The Dingley Press has a solution for you to take advantage of the 2014 USPS Mail and Digital Personalization Promotion. The good news is that this solution only takes minutes for you to implement! We offer per­sonalized landing pages as well as personalized ink-jetting to ensure you qualify for this promotion. The discount is 2% up-front on your postage fees!

Rules for Participation

• Mail-piece promotion must use information known about the recipient (i.e. – loyal customer, first time customer, etc)

• Must have at least 2 promotion offers (preferably less than 6)

• You register on the Business Customer Gateway (BCG) via the Incen­tive Program Service (, or we can do it for you

NOTE: As part of the terms of participation, the post office states that all mail owners must com­plete a survey about their participation in the promotion at the end of the promotion period.

Space & Ink-jetting

• Ink-jet message can only contain 25 characters on one line above the PURL, however you can pre-print a generic message too to ensure you bring attention to this area (see example below)

Mail File Requirements

• Mail files must include a column for the promotional code
You supply Dingley with your modified mail file:

Mail Purl image1

We use the mail file data to inkjet a personalized message on the back cover of your catalog:

Mail piece PURL image1

You help us craft the personalize message for each promotion offer and we’ll do the rest:

PURL website image1

These PURL websites will reward end-users with a promotional coupon code that they can use at checkout. The only thing you need to do is set the code parameters on your website (i.e. – date, promo code activation, etc …).
We’ll provide you a worksheet to you to make this promotion quick and easy to implement. For more information feel free to contact your sales rep or customer service expert.