We are still waiting for the PRC to approve this year’s postal promotions. We’re not exactly sure why they are moving slower than previous years. The most recent news is that the dates for each promotion are in question. Originally they posted the following dates:

1. Emerging Technology Promotion – May 1st – Oct 31st
2. Mobile Drives Mail Promotion – July 1st – Dec 31st

Just today we found out these dates have been struck from the original postal calendar and are now tagged as “TBD”. We’re not sure why this change was made, but it seems likely they may shorten the duration of each promotion.
The good news is that the post office is allowing folks to sign up in the Postal One Gateway for these promotions, and they are letting us send sample files for pre-approval testing. We’ve already had a number of customers send files that have been approved. We’re just waiting for the official PRC approval of all promotions.

Stay tuned, as more information becomes available we’ll certainly make sure we share it.

If you have questions about promotion requirements and how you can qualify please contact your sales representative or myself.