According to DMA, a division of ANA (Association of National Advertisers), in 2016, more than 100.7 million adults in the U.S. made a purchase from a catalog. Not only are all age groups receptive to receiving catalogs, with over 42% of catalogs that are delivered in the mail being read, but consumers of all ages are also engaged and ready to buy.

People found catalogs “the most interesting type of standard mail – even surpassing newspapers and magazines by 31%.” What will make your catalog stand out in 2019? Consider a change or an addition to your design.

Here are just four of the numerous catalog design options to consider incorporating in your 2019 design plan:

  1.    Playing with color

Consider bold colors or prints. Unique combinations of colors or patterns can be integrated with products.

According to Data Marketing and Analytics (DMA), “humans have an attention span of 8 seconds. Marketing that cuts through the clutter with attention-getting graphics and copy are paramount to success.” Choosing bold colors or prints can create an eye-catching design to draw in customers and hold their attention.

  1.    Create an inviting page with authentic images

Photography matters. Outstanding photography can make all of the difference when selling products. Original photos can make items stand out, showing texture with close-up images.

Do you have a group of items that can be sold together or maybe items that complement each other? Create a story on the page with an authentic look. Picture a winter wonderland sledding party, a summer of camping, or a family gathering, all things customers can envision doing with the items being sold. And as DMA states, “The more senses we appeal to the stronger the message is encoded; thus, increased response rates.”

By creating a familiar scene that evokes sounds and smells, a captivating photograph allows the reader to imagine being in that scene, and using the items pictured.

  1.    Bold Fonts

Add a touch of bold font to draw attention to certain items. Lead readers who skim pages to pause at particular areas within the catalog by using bold fonts that will attract the eyes

Keep in mind that overindulging in bold fonts can interfere with the intent. Incorporate bold fonts to complement the items being sold, not to overpower the pages.

  1.    Illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations can provide a unique addition that will complement the product or products being sold.

Similar to bold fonts, illustrations are meant to be incorporated into the page or pages, not to overpower the products by drawing attention away from the items.

Catalog design can feel personal and informative with the added elements of illustrations, bold fonts, authentic images, and added color, making even those routine items appear more intriguing.

A well-designed catalog gains a customer’s trust and loyalty, with the quality of design inspiring more ideas, which in the end, converts to sales.