With another Earth Day under our belts, it’s a good time to look at one of the most hard-fought battles catalogers frequently face: going green. Despite incredible strides in eco-consciousness, catalogers are under constant scrutiny.

Consider the backlash Restoration Hardware received in 2014 for their massive, once-yearly catalog mailing — and this was with a robust sustainability initiative in place. People felt that the company was out of touch with what it really means to be green.

However, aside from what this marketing debacle may have portrayed, catalogers, retailers, and consumers actually are more connected than ever on the environmental front. Here are five ways the catalog industry is leading the way in earth-friendly initiatives:

  • Consumers actually use catalogs to connect with their favored brands and products. In fact, a study by FGI Research revealed that 46% of catalog recipients find them useful, and almost all consumers have made a purchase from a catalog they receive in the mail.
  • Not only is the paper-recycling process more efficient than it was even a few years ago, but more consumers are aware of its benefits and are willing to participate.
  • Catalogs are looked at again and again, with the more picture-heavy publications finding new life as coffee table books and material for DIY projects. This lifecycle is extended even further as many schools, daycares, and libraries accept catalog donations for craft projects.
  • Although print catalogs are as popular as ever, the amount of waste is minimized as printing and paper-making are made more efficient, consumers find alternate uses for catalogs, recycling habits improve, and as we share marketing space with e-Commerce channels.
  • With paper being such an integral part of their business, catalogers are arguably some of the most aware and involved proponents of sustainable sourcing and reforestation practices.

The Dingley Press supports all of these initiatives and more! Not only are we Forest Stewardship® Certified, but we also recycle 100% of our waste materials and use inks that contain bio-renewable content. Plus, all of our customers benefit from our “Maine” advantage — the close proximity to paper mills and forests that further reduces our carbon footprint and environmental impact.


We understand that going green isn’t just a statement; it’s a lifestyle. And with catalogers’ continued commitment to environmentally savvy practices, we’re looking forward to a bright and sustainable future.