1.)    Create a Meaningful and Relevant BlogHow to Drive Web Traffic

Yep you’ve heard it a bunch of times.  The blog is a great SEO practice.

It keeps people on your page

It places you in ‘expert’ lighting

Perhaps most rewarding of all: it keeps people coming back to your page!


2.)    Blog Commenting

This is a great way to create brand awareness among a relevant audience

Direct movement from one blog to another by providing links back to your page

Once again, commenting on other peoples’ blogs helps get your name and brand out there and be (as a result) recognized as a respected knowledgeable source.


3.)    Interview People Important to the Community or Hire a Guest Blogger

Peak interest by interviewing people who are appropriate to your brand’s community

Bring an individual’s following from their page to your page by featuring an article written by them or an interview with them

Very frequently the favor is returned.  If the guest gets increased traffic, likely you will receive an increase back. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.


4.)    Offer Webinars

As strategies one and two both focus on building yourself up as an expert on your topic, so too does number four

Create an interactive learning experience for your customers

Keep them interested in what you have to say

Capture e-mails from an interested following


5.)    Social Media

I am sure this one is quite obvious. We all know social media plays a huge role in directing web traffic

Social Media is most successful when you can get brand awareness to those outside of your immediate network

Posting items that are naturally “re-post” worthy

Ensuring an emotional response from your viewers is the best way to retrieve a re-post