Sharpening Your Arsenal of Digital Marketing Tools

We can agree there are a ton of brands vying for their fair share of awareness online. Consumers are inundated with content and only the businesses that are leveraging an intentional strategy will capture their audience’s attention.

Yet, to successfully execute your strategy, using the best and savviest digital marketing tools is key to creating those desired results. Tools will equip you with metrics to discover what’s working (and what isn’t), enhance your existing content, drive productivity, and boost brand exposure.

With proper use, they will give you a competitive advantage as a catalog brand. So, we’d like to present seven digital marketing tools to consider that will bolster your online presence, efforts, and experience.

#1 Google Analytics

Perhaps one of the most important tools you can have in your arsenal, tracking your website performance is vital to understanding what’s “clicking” with your audience. Google Analytics measures your webpages and blog posts. It tracks valuable data that gives you insight into your target audience demographics, how they’re searching for and finding you, and where their interests lie.

In fact, by gauging which pages are driving the most traffic, you can strategize on how to use them more effectively and/or optimize that piece further to increase its success.

The good news is, Google Analytics is absolutely free. But, we understand how this tool can appear overwhelming. Here is an amazing guide that easily breaks it down in terms and visuals you understand to track the metrics you need to better your website performance.

#2 Yoast

A simple WordPress plugin, Yoast boasts easy SEO techniques anyone can follow and achieve. This tool helps you to enhance your website content to improve search results and reader experience. Although no one fully knows the Google algorithms (they’re constantly changing), Yoast highlights best practices to drive favorable results with your content.

Tips such as including internal links, sprinkling your primary keyword naturally throughout the article, adding and optimizing images, and using sufficient subheadings are just a few things Yoast addresses to give your content the best chance. It’s also super user-friendly!

Yoast has a free and a premium version. Depending on your SEO goals, the premium choice may the best.

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#3 BuzzSumo

Want to know what topics are trending or being discussed the most? BuzzSumo gives you insight into industry-leading conversations so you stay in the know…and allow your followers to do the same.

BuzzSumo is the tool that will fuel your social media marketing with relevant content that keeps your pages fresh and current. You can share those articles and then add your own thoughts, tailoring the content to your brand.

Or use BuzzSumo to brainstorm new topic ideas that your audience desires to see more of. As a result, you’ll never run out of content ideas and you’re giving your people what they want. Buzzsumo is a win-win!

#4 Canva

We know that visuals add zest and life to content. Canva allows users to do this easily and beautifully, regardless of graphic design experience. You see, whether you leverage their existing templates, designs, and images or upload your own photos, you’ll create compelling visuals to better engage your audience and improve user experience.

The design options are endless with Canva: presentations, social media content, blog images, banners, PDF downloadables, checklists, infographics, charts, business cards, flyers…the list goes on!

Additionally, you can now schedule your social media content right in Canva using their Content Planner. You save time by automating your designs in the tool—increasing your productivity and ensuring your content strategy remains consistent.

#5 CoSchedule

Speaking of maintaining a consistent social media presence, CoSchedule is built to execute your entire content marketing strategy through its automation and editorial calendar. Equipped with tons of integrations, you can publish your blog, newsletter, and social media all in one place.

What makes CoSchedule unique from other social media management tools is Requeue, a brilliant function that will automatically repost your best content. Requeue will easily fill up your social media calendar while you focus on other aspects of your business.

This neat feature extends the life of your content, allowing you to work smarter not harder. It’s genius automation at it’s best.

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#6 Asana

A project management tool is a valuable asset for your team to work collaboratively on a given project, ensuring all tasks are properly assigned, deadlines are met, and giving every member a holistic view on its progress.

Whether you’re a small team of two or ten, Asana is an intuitive tool that helps your team get things done! You can easily track what others are doing and communicate directly within the platform—thus, reducing email messages. It also promotes accountability, improving productivity across the board.

Asana easily integrates with other apps (i.e. Slack, Gmail, Dropbox) to bolster collaboration and communication. You can also view projects in lists, a calendar format, or a board style, giving your team choices based on what best aligns with their preference.

#7 ActiveCampaign

Your email marketing strategy is vital to your catalog business. In fact, for every $1 your spend on email marketing, you can expect a $42 ROI. And ActiveCampaign is the tool to use to execute!

You see, ActiveCampaign is a robust email management system that allows you to set up various automation sequences—i.e. triggered campaigns, sales follow-ups—and segmentation while using amazing email templates that convert.

ActiveCampaign has become the go-to tool for many brands because of its powerful CRM functionality and lead nurturing capabilities. You can create optimized customer experiences, increasing retention and conversion rates.

Finally, it is extremely cost-effective compared to similar EMS. You’ll get all the benefits at a doable price to maximize your email marketing efforts.

Which One’s Right for You?

Leveraging the right digital marketing tools will dramatically impact your online goals. Every business should have a set of tools working for them to remain efficient. So, take some time to explore the ones shared in this guide. Over time, you’ll discover the right tools for your brand that will drive awareness, productivity, and results.