There’s a reason catalog and direct mail marketing have been around for such a long time. Mail is hands-on. Mail is reliable. Mail is active.

While it would be ridiculous to deny the impact of digital marketing on our society, it’s easy to forget how random, and oddly isolating, it is. The thought that there are countless businesses competing for the attention (and finite dollars) of billions of clickers-by is daunting — if not a little crazy. It’s also underscores just how passive digital marketing truly is.

That’s why so many successful businesses rely on a multi-channel marketing plan — one that includes a proactive direct mail campaign. The many benefits of mail make it as timeless as it is useful:

  • It’s tangible. Never underestimate the power of paper: It’s tangible, it’s personal, and it’s intrusive. Hands-down, mail is the best way to get your message directly into your target consumers’ households.
  • It’s memorable. Unlike its digital counterparts, direct mail often stays with a recipient for a longer period of time, allowing them to review and reference the material over and over again.
  • It’s a multi-functional tool. From prospecting leads to reengaging inactive customers to enticing current shoppers, a single mailing is capable of getting a message into the hands of your entire market.
  • It offers long-term ROI. Catalogs and other forms of direct mail are costly on the front-end; however, once they’re produced and mailed, they morph into a marketing workhorse. Once it’s sent, a catalog can — and will — only help make money by creating an ongoing demand for your product.

Are you actively creating that demand for your product? Are you doing so in the most imaginative, cutting-edge ways possible? If the answer is no on either front, then it may be time to put in a call to The Dingley Press. With advanced technology and decades of expertise behind us, we can ensure your catalog is the most active and reliable tool in your marketing plan.