postalaffairsThe U.S. Postal Service announced that it would begin load leveling this month, a move that will alter mail delivery timeframes so that carriers have a more balanced workload throughout the week.

What load leveling means for mailers is that Standard Mail accepted on Friday and mailed at a Destination Sectional Center Facility (DSCF) rate will be delivered on Tuesday, instead of the Monday delivery that has been the norm. Likewise, mail accepted on Saturday would be delivered the following Wednesday instead of Tuesday. This means the biggest impact of this change would be felt by mailers who typically drop their mail Friday or Saturday.

If you think this sounds like a reduction of service, you aren’t alone: Many mailers feel that load leveling is a step toward the elimination of Saturday delivery. After all, if postal carriers don’t deliver on Saturday, they would need to balance the deliveries over the remaining five-day week to avoid a “peak load problem” on Mondays — which was one of the reasons that the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) chose not to end Saturday delivery when the idea was considered about three years ago.

The good news is that based on their testing of load leveling in a limited area, the USPS anticipates that the new load leveling system will cause an increase in efficiency and a cost savings.

Here at the Dingley Press, we prepared for the change to load leveling ahead of time, adjusting our trucking accordingly. Many mailers have also already shifted their mailing schedules. But postal service shifts such as the load leveling implementation show why it is important for mailers and their co-mailing partners to stay in close communication.

The Dingley Press team is pleased to be agile and flexible enough to stay a step ahead of new postal rules and regulations, so we can adapt to meet your mailing needs as quickly and seamlessly as possible. To learn more about load leveling and its effect on DSCF mailings, see the USPS load leveling FAQs.

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