We are aware that this is the age of information. We appear to have a boundless appetite for more. More websites, more links, more videos, more blogs. Check out this image sourced from Wikipedia of Internet pathways. It’s a universe of knowledge not so unlike the images transmitted by our Hubble Space Craft.

Universe of Knowledge

You might be thinking how do catalogers compete with the web traffic illustrated above? How do we maintain our traffic throughout this inter-jumble? With smartphone usage rapidly increasing how can we ensure that we are offering consumers a well rounded information packed experience they are craving? Not sure of the answer? Ask your teenage daughter, she will tell you that if you want to attract her attention, you’ll have to incorporate her smartphone. Why? Simple, she can read her text messages, and Google fun ways to paint her nails simultaneously. Complicated as the above data is to look at, the psychology behind it…well…“it’s like not rocket science Mom.” It’s time for catalogers to pick up their smart phones and find a new way that their consumers can interact with their catalogs.

QR codes are now mainstream, but how interactive are they really? Even better, even more high tech, and entertaining is Augmented Reality. Okay, this is something we’ve been waiting a long time to see.

Augmented Reality (AR) Basics

Augmented reality is a basic information retrieval technique that adds virtual information over a real world view. Here is how it works:

  • Software/Apps are used for image capture
  • Information (images/links/videos/blogs/whole websites) is selected to be associated with the image.
  • An application is downloaded on your smartphone
  • Your smart phone application scans the image with the camera
  • The software detects the image from the database of images
  • The associated data is transmitted back to your smartphone and creates a layer over what you are scanning with your phone.


How to Incorporate Augmented Reality into Your Catalog

Moosejaw catalog developed an application using AR technology that provides an XRAY experience that allows their consumer to undress their models down to their underwear. This was a playful way to attract attention to their products. Of course, we don’t suggest this for every catalog. Each brand has a voice and you don’t want to lose that voice as a result of getting too whacky with the technology. Sometimes it’s just as effective to keep it simple. Here are some affordable ideas that would help create a multi-dimensional shopping experience utilizing both the catalog and the smartphone.

  • Buy Now Button
  • A video about your company
  • Click to save
  • Product information and reviews
  • A message from the CEO

blogs_catalogs_augreal_icon_0517I am sure you can come up with many more ideas that would be an effective way to utilized AR technology for your company. Why wait any longer? Check it out for yourself.