The USPS will be doing away with CAPS in April 2019; there is new system called EPS (Enterprise Payment System) that mailers can convert to.  Below are the steps to take, as usual The Dingley Press is always ready to help. mailbox

  1. Get ready
  2. Get a list of all your active permits
  3. Create a BCG (Business Customer Gateway) Account– customers already registered skip to the next step–
  4. Contact your local Business Mail Entry Unit or the Postal One helpdesk for an invitation code.
  5. Access the Enterprise Payment System using the hyperlink and invitation code provided within 2-3 business days
  6. Create an Enterprise Payment Account
  7. Set up the selected payment option: ACH Debit or Trust via EFT, Retail Deposit or Mobile Deposit
  8. Link mailing permits to your EPA

Click here for the documentation regarding on-boarding. Should you have any questions or need help with the on-boarding you can reach out to and she will be happy to assist you.

What is EPS? 

The Enterprise Payment System (EPS) allows customers to pay for Postal products and services through a single account, called the Enterprise Payment Account (EPA). The benefits of EPS include:

  • Pay and manage services online using a single account
  • Enhanced security features, centralized balance and account management
  • Fund as ACH Debit or Trust Account
  • Self-service customer experience
  • No manual application forms submitted to CAPS Service Center
  • Intuitive and interactive mailing reports

Funding permits has become much more convenient with EPS:

  • If funding a permit through cash, check, or money order at a RSS you no longer have to go to the assigned Post Office, you can go to any Post Office.

Now you can electronically fund permits through:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • ACH Debit