Soon the rush of the holiday season will be coming to a close, and with this, a new year with fresh opportunities awaits. Looking ahead also 2017means looking back and identifying what is of value to your current catalog marketing plan, what should be adjusted, and maybe, what should be let go.

Looking at key marketing decisions made over the last year will help you target, readjust, and segment groups for the coming year by reviewing:

  • Individuals purchasing for self vs. gift buying
  • One time purchase vs. quarterly
  • Seasonal purchases vs. holiday purchases

Consumer behavior differs from house to house, even city to city. Identifying target groups and keeping a transactional record will save time and money in where to send a catalog and where not to.  So, what influenced your customers to buy in 2016?

These key factors play a role:

  • Catalog design
  • Price point
  • Demographics
  • Sales and/or discounts
  • Access to internet and web browsing-Did they reach out and request a catalog?

Taking these elements into consideration, now may be the time to challenge your current look, launch a new look, or create a spin off from current catalog design.

Keep in mind that loyal customers prefer what they are most comfortable with and prefer browsing a catalog with ease and familiarity. Consider an additional catalog, unveiling a new look along with the classic, seasoned catalog mailing. Blend old traditions with new.

Prospective customers who are unaccustomed to your design will be open to new concepts, after all they are not loyal returning customers just yet.

In 2017, consider these additions to complement your marketing plan by adjusting your current format or adding a separate catalog mailing with one of the following:

  • Revamping your traditional size catalog: Capitalize on the presentation that is most influential to current customers and make items stand out. Grab their attention with a creative cover change, keeping the catalog familiar but fresh.
  • Magalog: Consider the magazine subscribers and prospective customers with this twist on a traditional catalog.
  • Slim Jims: A great way to promote sale items or activate prospects with an inexpensive format
  • Unconventional variations: Gatefolds, mini, or adding a yearly handbook

Customers who purchase from your catalog can be easily monitored and tracked with today’s technology and marketing plan. Targeting groups, both current and prospective, with different catalogs can be substantive in your ROI. Take this holiday season to apply this year’s successes to next year’s marketing plan. Uncertain which direction to take your catalog in the coming year? Let Dingley’s experts guide you.