If you haven’t heard about #Mobilegeddon you better brace yourself.
Starting today (4/21/15) Google search results will now give priority ranking on search results to websites that are mobile friendly. Are your prospects going to be able to find you on their mobile devices, or even on their computers? Probably not … if you don’t already have a mobile friendly website. Even if you do, you still need to check to make sure it meets Google’s mobile friendly website criteria.

Fortunately for catalogers, you still have the catalog to drive consumers to your website. But for those online only pure-players they better ensure their mobile friendly website is ranking high with Google. And, catalogers without mobile friendly websites will certainly be affected too.

Google’s new ranking algorithm will give preference to mobile friendly websites. Small to medium businesses will likely suffer the most, but even some big brands will feel the affect if Google deems their mobile friendliness low.

Google said “users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.” This is the future, and they are embracing it on a global level.

The search change was made to help consumers find mobile optimized websites. The reason for this change is evolution in technology and changes in how consumers use mobile devices. Over 50% of searches are now done on these devices. When you do a search on Google you’ll now see text ranking sites on whether they are “mobile friendly”.

Have your web administrator take action today. To find out how your website ranks go to Google Mobile Guidelines and test for yourself. It’s quick and easy. Here you’ll find usability reports and a mobile friendly testing tool.

Watch this video from Google.

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