You’ve heard often that catalogs aren’t dead, and that’s certainly true, even with the increasing digital environment. We think both have their place, and can definitely complement each other if used together. Here are some USPS statistics from a recent Experian article we found:

  • 2 million mail pieces are processed and delivered per hour, that’s 353,000 every minute
  • 1 million visitors go to the USPS website every day
  • There are 122,000 address changes daily
  • Advertisers, like you, are the biggest USPS customers, and they continue to grow
  • Americans say physical mail is “more personal” than email.
  • 60% of all ad mail recipients will visit a website if the ad lists one
  • 70-80% of ad mail recipients say they open it even though it’s considered junk mail
  • Overall, ad mail has about a 16% median ROI.

Neiman Marcus says that they make $4 for every $1 spent creating and mailing a catalog. So, despite what people think, catalogs are still the mainstay for businesses like yours!