Catalogs Go! … Pokemon Go!

Pokémon is making a comeback. The Nintendo-owned franchise, which began in the late 1990s, is taking America by storm, but this time it’s using augmented reality (AR). For the past few years Dingley has helped catalogers put AR in their catalogs, and now it’s the latest craze in gaming.

Pokémon Go uses the players phone GPS and clock. It can detect where and when they are in the game and make Pokémon “appear” around them (using their phone display). The next challenge is to catch them.  Pokémon will appear depending on where the player is and what time it is. It encourages gamers to move around the real world to catch Pokémon.

pokemonAR technology isn’t new, but it’s certainly evolving. The game imitates what it would be like if Pokémon really lived on our planet, waiting to be caught and collected.

So what does Pokémon have to do with catalogs? In the game a player can buy items in a store with real money that help them lure Pokémon. The app makes money off all the data they’re collecting. By adding AR to your catalog you can make it fun and interactive for your consumers. Who doesn’t like to have some fun while shopping?

AR is different than virtual reality (VR). You don’t have to buy expensive glasses or a headset to fully immerse yourself in a virtual world. Instead, AR taps into mobile technology you already own to enhance the world around you. Everyday living can get boring so let’s spice it up your catalogs with AR and save money too.

The USPS has a promotion that started March 1st and runs through August 31, 2016. If you participate in this promotion you can save 2% on postage. Dingley can help you overlay content such as videos, poll questions, social media links, etc … on pages in your catalog to make them more interactive for your consumers.

If executed correctly, AR can engage consumers more than ever before, but you have to make sure your content is something they are interested in. And, making it fun is one way of doing this. Imagine having a 10% off coupon appear on a page to entice them to buy a product you want to move from your inventory. Dingley can help make this a reality, and we can do it affordably and quickly.

Escape to AR, join the fun, and contact your Dingley sales representative for more information.