One of the biggest revenue windfalls for many catalogers is during the holiday season. Honing in on your marketing strategy for the 2018 holiday season can be essential to a successful year. We recently ran across and interesting article from eCommerce Platforms we want to share with you to help drive sales and end your year with a bang! Many of these tips you already know, but it’s always good to get a reminder this time of the year. Catalogers should try to set aside some time to really develop a strategy if they want to win big this holiday season.

Store clerk at counter taking a credit card

Demographics between Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers are different which means different strategies are required. Black Friday shoppers tend to be much younger (<24) and often female. Cyber Monday shoppers are still dominated by female shoppers but nearly as much as you’d think. Woman are typically a bit older than the Black Friday shopper (>30).  The folks at Big Commerce have some great stats on the impact of Cyber Monday to marketers, as 2017 shopping season saw it’s first $2 billion dollar day.

Catalogers still have time to develop a strategy and implement ideas that will drive sales. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Start thinking about capitalizing more on social media – it’s becoming a powerful tool you can’t overlook
  • Promotions can make a big difference – free shipping and free gifts are tried and true strategies that work
  • Make sure your website is ready – needs to be able to handle the additional traffic and do it fast or else you’ll lose customers

Click on the “interesting article” link above for more detail on developing your holiday strategy.

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