Direct mail is trustworthy, which means you can rest assured that it will be delivered and seen by the end-user. Although email needs to be part of your marketing mix there are some end-users concerns such as … How comfortable are they opening emails from unknown sources? Have they ever received a virus in their mailbox? Has a marketer ever emailed malware? Is their mailbox stuffed full of ads, so many that they just don’t spend the time to go through them?
Although email is financially attractive based on its strong ROI, it is not as effective a channel because of its relatively low response rate. You’re not getting enough responses, and that’s where direct mail can make all the difference. To achieve the same overall outcome in terms of number of responses, you need to increase your reach or increase the frequency of email, but be careful, too much email might increase your opt-out if gone too far.
The key is to understand that a combination of media channels can produce a far greater result than any single medium working alone. Using email and direct mail in combination produces the greatest overall impact, since the email can boost response by extending the life of the direct mail piece.
Take a look at this study to see the conclusions DMA reached in their analysis. We think you’ll find the results very interesting.