It may be easier than you think to get good email addresses from your consumers. Check out these ideas to see which might work for you …

  1.  SMS (texting) – Using a short code, catalogers can make it easy for consumers to provide them their email address. See below for an example.SMS picture
  2. QR Codes – These codes can also capture email addresses in a very similar way as the SMS process. The consumer scans the code, it sends them a text message asking for their email address, the consumer replies with it … it’s time to engage them with content they find valuable. Treat them like a VIP and offer them exclusive offers using two-way communication via text messages.
  3.  Newsletter Sign-up Pages – Start monthly or bi-monthly newsletters so consumers can learn about your company and products. Your consumers should only have to enter their email address to gain access to the newsletter or to start receiving your newsletters via email. Keeping consumers engaged in your business is a great way to keep increase conversion rates.
  4.  Blog or Website – Add an email sign up form to your website(s). Add links to your email subscription at the end of any comments you post on your blog. If consumers are anxious to give this information out this means they like your brand.
  5. Social Media – Add an email sign up form to your social media pages; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and others. Make sure you have a strong call-to-action message on the landing page to entice consumers to sign up for your company’s email newsletters. Facebook Connect makes it easy with very clear privacy instructions and allows consumers to sign up for mailing lists with one click. Show examples of your email campaigns on Facebook and Twitter to give followers a taste of the content you’ll provide to them. If you have Youtube videos add a sign-up link under the video clip.
  6.  Mobile Banner Ads – Can be used to get mobile users to sign up for your email newsletters. If your website isn’t mobile optimized yet you should consider investing in this to gain a larger market share.
  7.  Checkout – As for subscription during online checkout to see if your consumers want to receive future emails from you.
  8.  Contests – Host a contest for a desirable prize to build your email list, or offer them coupons, gift cards, etc …

Can you think of other successful ways to build your email list?