Using your existing customer-base to grow your business is the easiest way to increase sales. So, how do you do that? With the growth in social media, this is a good place to start.

TechnologyUSPSLoyalty programs –

There’s nothing better than a well thought out reward program to help turn a one-time customer into a loyal customer for life. Provide incentives that keep these folks coming back to you for their shopping needs. Make sure your program is focused on meeting customer needs. Using social media to get the word out is one of the best ways to promote your loyalty program.

Think like a customer – 

Identify customer pain points. Understanding what problems they want solved will help you focus on meeting their needs. Make sure your solutions are simple and easy to understand.

Develop a Plan –

Monitor social media daily and stay connected with your followers. This by itself isn’t enough. It’s important they you have a consistent message and are aware that customer feedback isn’t always positive. You’ll need to catch troubling posts quickly and address them with workable solutions. Your plan should include fast response times, simple solutions, and show how much you care about your customers to keep them coming back.

Listen – 

It’s not enough to just address frustrated customers. You’ll want to monitor what is important to them by reviewing comments and shared hashtags. What are they talking about? What are they interested in? Are your competitors mentioned? If so, see what they like and dislike about them. All these provide great insight into the customer’s behavior.

Respond – 

Engage in conversations on social media. Don’t let your followers just engage with each other, or worse yet, engage to a silent audience. The initial post is a good start, but being there for them once the conversation starts is even better. It shows them you are interested and care about their feedback.

Superior Customer Service –

Capitalize on pleased customers by engaging with them on social media. People love uplifting stories and make sure you give them the opportunity to share them. Be aware of negative posts too, so these can be addressed quickly. A negative experience is a great opportunity for you to show everyone how great your customer service team can be.