In 2011, The Dingley Press saw significant growth in its co-mail program, 29% growth in fact. This growth translates into larger co-mail pools and savings which we pass on to our customers. How is it possible, especially in a challenging economy? The answer is simple: Dingley invested in and expanded our co-mail facility, which just happens to be onsite. Plus we had the great fortune to add many new customers in 2011.

Rising postal and paper costs, as well as industry consolidation have opened this door. The longstanding practice of The Dingley Press is to only print catalogs and to do it exceptionally well. These industry shifts and our continued focus on only catalogers is reaping great rewards for our customers by filling the plant with more and more medium- and long-run catalogs which are also stocking our co-mail programs.

The Dingley Press is the premier alternative for catalogers who want to work with a catalog only printer with in-house co-mailing and distribution, but are tired of feeling like a little fish in a big pond.

In 2012, we are projecting additional co-mail growth which can only mean more savings for our customers. With uncertainty surrounding the USPS, we’ll be doing our part to help bring lower postage for our customers.