Woman Shopping From a Catalog

Are you looking for a way to attract prospective buyers and maintain current customers? Consider the benefits of a Magalog. Magalogs, or catazines, are hybrid catalogs that merge the distinctive style of a magazine with the quality products found in a catalog to generate a whole new level of appeal to potential customers. Providing an element of customer-focused reading, a magalog has the opportunity to retain the attention of customers for a greater period of time.

As consumers encounter a multitude of junk mail on a daily and weekly basis, the art of getting your catalog noticed can sometimes be challenging, but this is made a little easier with magalogs, which blend the appeal of a magazine look and the value of the quality products they have grown to love. Your magalog can seamlessly take the place of your customer’s magazine.

Unlike a magazine, a magalog does not require the expense of hiring well-known models or creating articles about celebrities. Instead, a careful arrangement of articles and pictures creates an exciting opportunity to draw in magazine readers to become catalog buyers.

Consider the following options when designing your profitable magalog:

Table of Contents: Not only is this a reference to which readers can turn, but it will provide a teaser for the content they are about to explore. It gives customers a magazine feel, combined with easy accessibility to items they know and love.

Titles: Segment products into groups and title them. This is a clear cut way to display multiple unrelated products while keeping a quality page design. Titles, along with the table of contents, create a preview into the pages ahead.

Appeal to Readers: Make the articles and pictures appeal to readers who may have been previously just that: avid readers. There is a greater retention value when readers feel drawn into the article or side bar.

Build Sales Through The Use of The Sidebar: The most important objective is to move readers to buyers. Sidebars are a fast way to catch their attention with tag lines such as: free item with purchase, or free shipping over a specific dollar amount. Be sure to include the order form page number and/or your company’s telephone number to call. A sidebar can also include brief details on items or categories that need further explanation, but do not contain enough content for a complete article.

Response Rate: Increase response rate by creating an editorial that is not only entertaining, but informative, with a focus on merging products and content. Smaller articles can be strategically placed throughout the magalog, highlighting specific, but smaller, topics.

Target Specific Categories: Items that are unrelated to the editorial can be divided into categories such as must-have items and top sellers. You can also bring the seasons into your categories by highlighting spring previews, summer closeouts, fall specials, winter deals, and limited edition or retiring products.

When curating a magalog, take the item or items that are most important to sell and make them close to the editorial. Keep in mind that the items closest to the editorial will often sell first and in the highest volume. Do you have a higher inventory of one particular item? Move it to the editorial section to boost overall sales.

Design: Focus on the readability of your magalog, which creates a learning environment that makes readers feel that they know the product before they receive it. If the design is not reader-friendly (and easy to shop from) buyers may become uninterested in the content.

Photography: Create a theme visually for customers and readers. Often magalogs have larger photos, so it is important to consider image size and total products per page. The use of stylish images is a dramatic way to attract readers and buyers to a specific item.

Educate and Inform: Add product information beyond the dimensions or color of an item, such as a comparison between two similar items. Create a “must have” section to divert readers’ attention to specific areas of the magalog. Information that is helpful and informative will retain readers and keep customers coming back.

Customer Reviews: Integrative marketing of product information and reviews can bridge the gap between a reader and a buyer. Purchasing an item that has been approved by other buyers will keep customers involved and ensure the product will be of value.

Trending Topics: Be aware of relevant topics trending on social media that can tie into segments so customers feel connected and involved. This will appeal to a new generation of catalog customers, the millennials and young readers.

Short Narratives: While readers are more apt to enjoy longer articles, catalog buyers will not have the same mindset. Create content that solicits to both the reader and the buyer by using short narratives rather than long articles.

With the shifting of the seasons and the holidays fast approaching, there is no better time to unveil a magalog for your company than now. Dingley’s commitment to quality, from prepress to finished product, will make magaloging a flawless addition to your company’s profile.