With fall settling in and summer coming to a close, it is vital to have a strategic plan in place for the fast approaching holiday season. Now is the time to review your catalog marketing campaign to maximize ROI. The holiday season is a beneficial time to attract new customers, remind old customers why they love your products and catalog, and rein in potential lapsed customers. Here’s how:Plan

Take the time to target customers through social media outlets. Facebook is a vital and inexpensive tool that can be used to alert customers with a sneak peak of the upcoming holiday catalog. For those who have never purchased before, opt-in links allow potential customers to gain access to the holiday catalog. This marketing campaign applies to Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat as well. Remember, Millennials are social. Grab the attention of this age group with your social media campaign. Optimize views by utilizing the free analytics Facebook has to offer. Timing is everything!

A second option for cost effective marketing is the use of email. Target specific groups of customers with a call to action. Customers can click on the link provided in the email for the latest offers through the can’t-miss holiday catalog.

Coupled with an email campaign, sending out a “mini catalog” or “pre-catalog” with sneak peeks of upcoming holiday deals can pull customers into the holiday shopping mindset. This can be sent out several weeks before the main catalog is mailed, giving valued customers time to plan their holiday shopping. By offering a pre-catalog, customers will anticipate the arrival of your full catalog in their mailbox. With multiple pieces of direct mail arriving in their mailboxes each day, this pre-catalog gives an “edge in” on competing pieces of mail.

Boost holiday profits by offering “Black Friday” deals via catalog sales only. Drive customers to your catalog versus big box stores by scheduling the catalog’s arrival in time for your customer to plan on shopping the Black Friday deals. This will attract customers who are considering alternative Black Friday shopping plans. Why wait in long lines throughout the night when customers can shop from the comfort of their couches and obtain the same deals? When available, offer a price match guarantee.

Along with Black Friday sales, include limited holiday offers. Making an offer seem temporarily available, or highlighting items that are about to retire or that are in limited stock will increase the volume of sales for a particular item or product. Do you have a hot selling item? Let your customers know on the front or back cover of your catalog. Review design covers that have produced the most sales in past holiday editions and incorporate these looks into the latest edition.

If limited time holiday product offers are not enough, incorporate holiday coupon codes through catalog purchases only. This brings customers to your catalog and allows you to track sales for future holiday catalogs and strategic planning.  Incentives such as free item with purchase over a certain dollar amount, free shipping, or money off next purchase can be an inexpensive addition and yield a profitable return. This rewards the customer for shopping with you and can turn a catalog browser into a buying customer.

While all of these marketing plans can advance sales and add loyal returning customers, your marketing strategy should be measurable. Make the investment to track the outcomes this holiday season and thus be prepared for greater profit in 2017 and the years to come.