We all want loyal customers, but we are loyal to them? Do most catalogers really engage customers like we should? Recently, I rented a car and 24 hours later the rental company called me to see if I was satisfied with the customer service at their front desk, and asked if the car met my expectations. This made me think about catalog follow up efforts and how we could do a better job reaching out to our customers after the sale of a product/service.Grow your business

Almost everyone buys online products these days, however once we hit the “purchase” button the selling process is over, and typically so is the meaningful engagement. Sure we get put on a mail list, but there is certainly more that we could do to promote our exceptional customer service, and how loyal we (as the merchant) are to our new found customer.

Consider going above and beyond what is expected. Get personal! Call new customers and ask them to go to your website to write a product review. Call them to see how satisfied they are with the product packaging and delivery. Call them to learn if the product is working as expected. Find out if they would be willing to provide a testimonial about your brand. Do you know how they found you? Was it the catalog or an Internet search? The more you engage with customers, the more likely they will be loyal to your brand. A simple “Thank You” too can go a long way in solidifying a new found relationship.

Happy Friday! And, “Thank You” for being a loyal Dingley customer!!