When writing copy for catalogs one rule most of you probably follow is stressing benefits over features. In the B2B marketing segment, that may not always be the best practice, and even in some B2C marketing spaces.

There are situations when features might be more important to your consumers or at least equally important as benefits.

For example, if you advertise electronics, like audio components or speakers, your consumers are likely hungry for detailed specifications. They probably prefer data on watts, amps, power supplies … not advertising claims about how your product helps with better sound or improved performance.


It might be worth taking another look at your copy to see if you’re meeting your consumer’s needs. They might not respond to promises or benefit oriented copy like they would compared to technical specifications. Your copy should tell them specifically what they are getting, and may sound too sales driven with advertising jargon.

In the B2B market space, businesses in the medical supply industry may be swayed more by hard medical specifications than by advertising claims too. Don’t be afraid to do some copy editing on a few pages in your catalog to test this theory.

One of your copywriter’s biggest challenges is to understand what customers want to know about your products. If breaking the old rule of using benefit driven copy needs to be broken, go for it. You may find your consumer base is hungry for this type of feature driven copywriting.