We have a solution for you! This year’s Emerging Technologies postal promotion is similar to last year’s, however this year you must use an “enhanced” element in your mail piece. The “enhanced” augmented reality element is meant to engage consumers and help them pay more attention to your products and services.

Program Requirements

This program runs from August 1st through September 30th. You must have at least one page anywhere in your catalog with augmented reality (AR). In addition, you must have directional copy on that page to make consumers aware that there’s something special about the page. Dingley’s team can help you create a marketing campaign and will supply you with everything needed to get this done in a timely manner. It’s important to note that the contents of your AR must be related to your mail piece and that you don’t need a mobile optimized website for this program.

Our Solution

At Dingley, we strive to help you with these postal promotions so you can save money on your postage, but just as important as the money savings is your ability to try new technology to see how it can help you win more customers and drive sales. Our AR solution is quick and easy to deploy. We help you develop a consumer focused campaign that is affordable.

We believe the most popular campaign type this year will be what we call our polling campaign. Our partner, Layar, has put together an example of how the polling feature could work for you.

There are endless possibilities on how you can use this to benefit your business. We even supply you with a standard block of directional copy you can use with our solution so you don’t have to spend time creating it yourself. We’ll go to work right away to get your campaign live. Typically, we can take care of the development work in 24 to 48 hours. Once your campaign is live, it will be active for 180 days. We’ll also make sure you are registered for this program, just ask your customer service representative for help and we’ll certainly make sure it gets done for you. If you’d like to register yourself just go to Postal One and select the Emerging Technology promotion incentive. You must register in order to qualify for this promotion.


Consumers of all ages love interacting with your brand because of the products you sell, right? Well, maybe there’s more to it. Maybe they find your brand fun, or maybe they enjoy your great customer service. Even some may like that you know just when to engage them. Why not try using augmented realty to engage customers in a way they’ve never experienced before. And, best of all, the post office is funding this engagement by giving you a 2% upfront savings on your mailing cost.

Call your Dingley representative today to learn more about how we can help you engage your customers using AR.