woman reading catalogueThe retail market and consumer demands are growing increasingly complex, especially as new technologies emerge and customers rely more on digital devices to shop and research products. But that doesn’t mean that print catalogs are endangered: Far from it. Each year, according to the Direct Marketing Association, about 12.5 billion catalogs are printed and mailed.

Print catalogs are still an essential part of marketing, so much so that even e-commerce icons like Amazon will print and mail catalogs during the holiday shopping season. Catalogs are welcomed by customers in a way few other marketing pieces are. Customers engage with catalogs differently than with online media and in some ways, a print catalog leaves a deeper and more lasting impression on your prospects.

But as successful as the print catalog has been as a marketing and lead generation tool, new technologies can still make a good thing even better. These days, catalogs often feature interactive elements such as text codes, QR codes, and augmented reality enhancements that create a connection between print and new technology. And emerging technologies make it easier for customers to get more information and place an order when they find a product in a print catalog that interests them.

Of course, for that kind of synergy between print and ecommerce to happen, retailers need a solid partner who can focus on that core, foundational print piece while successfully integrating new technologies.

“All our investments are in core services that keep catalog mailers’ costs low,” says James Gibbs, Vice President of Sales for The Dingley Press.

Dingley offers several such services, including

  • Comailing
  • Consulting to help catalog retailers improve their prospecting efforts
  • Customized services that help catalogers take advantage of postal promotions and sales
  • Expertise in using back-end data to refine and target overall marketing efforts

And Dingley’s ability to work with tight schedules gives catalogers more flexibility — ensuring timely delivery of even the most time-sensitive offers.

Do you have an idea you’d like to try in your next catalog mailing? Contact The Dingley Press at 888-346-4539 or info@Dingley.com to explore your options and learn how we can use new technology and postal promotions to make your catalogs work harder (and smarter) for you.