Young Woman Sitting on Couch Holding Christmas Present and Wearing Santa Hat

The holiday is almost here!  You may have just sent out your 2014 catalog and if so then, phew, what a relief, right?  But wait: before you get too comfortable and break out the hot chocolate and eggnog to celebrate the christening of your holiday baby, consider these last minute maneuvers that could make your very merry catalog season even jollier.


Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality is a great way to lengthen the life of your holiday catalog.  It can be added to your catalog after it mails and brought to the attention of your customers via postcard, social media, e-mail, or all of the above.  Consumers love games.  They love feeling like they’re winning something special.  So, consider adding a campaign such as, “Scan holiday page ‘8’ for a chance to save anywhere from $15.00 to $100 on any purchase starting on December 6th and valid through the 24th.”


Add an extra last minute mailing: It doesn’t have to be anything big like your holiday catalog, just a little something for those customers who have purchased gifts from your catalog already.  You could send the mailer with their merchandise in the same box or as a separate mailer, it doesn’t really matter.  Chances are if a customer bought one or more items from your catalog, there are other items they considered buying at the time. With the 25th right around the corner, a little encouragement to finish the bill couldn’t hurt.


Offer a gift with additional purchase: Consumers love receiving gifts, especially this time of year!  This holiday season Victoria’s Secret ran a promotion.  Upon the receipt of an order, they include a mystery gift card that is worth up to $500 with your next purchase. Now there’s an incentive to buy that bottle of lip gloss you really wanted.  The point is, a little incentive goes a long way, especially before the holiday.


Guaranteed Christmas Eve delivery and gift wrapping: One of the best things about shopping the day before Christmas is the gift wrapping.  Barnes & Noble always has a team of gift wrappers set up at their entrance.  That means you can literally go shopping and get your gifts wrapped all at the same time.  Some people are just last minute and others, well; they don’t like messing around with scotch tape and gift cards.  A great way to make those last minute catalog sales is to offer the same incentives that a local retail store would offer.  Last minute mailers, e-mail, and social media are all great ways to let your consumer know that you are there to make their experience a pleasant one right up to the very last minute.


We would love to hear more from you!  Feel free to share your ideas on last minute holiday marketing tactics.