Last year we hosted a webinar called Mobile Apps for Catalogers. This year we are hosting another webinar in September on a similar subject. This webinar will focus on How to Develop a Mobile Strategy. We believe mobile devices can/should be one of the most important new revenue channels you should take the time to learn more about.

Ten years ago smartphones and tablets weren’t available to most folks. Smartphones were only in the hands of business men and women. Now, nearly everyone owns one. These devices have changed how we interact with others, how we make buying decisions and how we conduct our lives. Imagine telling someone 20 years ago that you had a device that could access the entire world’s information and that it could be done using a simple voice command. Today, this is our reality. For example, if I want to find a product I’m interested in purchasing all I do is pick up my smartphone and tell it what I want. My smartphone will deliver more information than I could ever imagine I need: where the product is located, if it’s in inventory, product specifications, pictures, pricing, etc… You may think your consumers aren’t technically savvy enough to do this, but is that really true anymore? Every day I interact with people of all ages who tell me stories of how they found some cool information on the Internet. How they find rare items on eBay or discover a new store selling products they couldn’t find anywhere else. Even my mother, who’s nearly 70, has learned to harness the power of her smartphone. She’s a classic example of someone who often says she’s scared of technology, yet she’s embracing it and doesn’t even realize it. She doesn’t understand how the technology works, and often uses the wrong terminology, but in the end it’s fulfilling her need to find things that are important to her.

Retail m-commerce is a leading indicator of what is to come. With the growth rate exploding so quickly it’s no wonder that everyone’s jumping aboard. In the chart below you can see the past and future growth rates. Do you want to pass by this opportunity to generate additional revenue for your business?

US Retail Mcommerce Sales Chart

obile Strategy for Catalogers

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can attract new customers by developing a mobile strategy please keep an eye out for our webinar registration or contact your sales representative.