The Dingley Press attended the Fall 2011 NEMOA conference in Boston, MA. During “An Urgent Primer on Postal & Privacy Matter” conference session, David Mastervich, from the USPS stated that they are considering adding more promotions in 2012 to help catalogers reduce costs and increase mailings.

For those of you who hadn’t heard, the 2011 USPS Summer Sale provided an upfront 3% discount for any direct mail piece that had a QR code in it. This promotion wasn’t announced until April 2011 which left some catalogers with no opportunity to participate since their catalogs were already printed. Catalogers should consider adding QR codes to their mailings regardless of the incentives offered by the USPS. These codes are popping up everywhere which is why many consumers recognize them and are learning the added value they bring to the shopping experience.

QR codes can provide consumers with rich media (videos), discounts, coupons or just about any marketing message to increase brand awareness. And, when the USPS does have their next promotion in 2012 you’ll already have your QR code in place to receive your postal discount! For more tips on QR codes from the USPS go to: or contact me at