Motivation. We all have it in some form or another, but what motivates someone to pick up a catalog and buy may differ from person to person.  The question becomes: How do you capture a customer’s needs or wants and motivate them to buy? 

Repeat customers are already loyal customers. They know that the product they are about to order will meet or exceed their expectations.  They are motivated by previous experiences with your catalog. They’ve bought an item or items and have been satisfied with the delivery of the product. They know that the content or descriptive testimonials lived up to their assumptions about the product and that the photo will match what is delivered to them.

For some customers, motivation comes from how fast they received the item in the mail, from the time the order is placed, to the moment it arrived on the doorstep. For others, it is how well the quality of the product matches the price. Maintaining these relationships with repeat customers is vital, along with appealing to, and motivating new customers.

Testimonials. New customers may seek out your catalog for a change. This may be due to current dissatisfaction with another brand or company. Flooding your catalog with testimonials can reassure a new customer and put their concerns at ease, knowing that other buyers have experienced success with past purchases and that they, too, will be satisfied with the products they are buying. Highlight these testimonials and showcase them throughout.

Price point. Compile different segments of customers based on a variety of pricing options. Know which customers are willing to spend more money for certain items, versus those who are looking for a bargain deal.

While some segments of repeat customers and new customers might be willing to sacrifice certain qualities in a product in order to save money, others may not be willing. Some will spend more, knowing the item comes with a better guarantee or lifetime use. Others are looking to save money and spend less. List the benefits of the product first, as a way to leverage your new customer, moving them from a place of interest to then purchasing the item.

To appeal to cost-conscious customers, address your cost savings on the cover, not just within the pages of the catalog. Statements such as “Lowest prices, guaranteed” on the cover is an eye-catching way to motivate potential customers to turn the pages of your catalog.

Once customers open the catalog, demonstrate savings with a number of different strategies. Include the dollar amount off, the percentage off, or display the original price and the new sale price. Visual effects such as placing an X through the original price will cause those who are scanning the catalog to pause and take a closer look.

Share your story.  Repeat customers and prospective ones both want to relate to and connect with the company and catalog from which they are buying. In the pages of your catalog, offer facts. Let readers know how long you have been in business or share your passion for creating products that customers will love. This demonstrates to customers that you care about your products and your customers.

Catalog content is a vital sales tool, leading customers to buy, and motivating potential and repeat customers to purchase and return again.