In 2013, more than 11.9 billion catalogs were produced according to the DMA. Some pure-play online retailers are now experimenting with catalogs for the first time. These Internet only retailers are learning that a complete omni-channel experience is what consumers are expecting.

For those who are new to catalog marketing here are some basic strategies to consider:

• Decide whether you want to offer a full-line catalog or a more specialized one with specific catagories.
• Will you mail your catalog or choose another form of distribution?
• Design your catalog with illustrations and photographs that are appealing to consumers.
• Catalog copy and layout should be modified frequently to test which work best.
• Tracking your catalog usage can help determine which ones are most successful and which are not.
• Use the catalog to cultivate your brand so consumers want to buy from you.

One U.K. clothing retailer (Boden) who was only an online pure-player now sends out millions of catalogs each year. They state that shoppers spend 15 to 20 minutes browsing through their catalog compared to only 8 seconds with email messages and 5 minutes in the iPad app.

The more time a consumer spends with your brand, the more likely they wull become familiar with your products and services. This will certainly let to increased conversions building your sales revenue stream.

Bonobos, a men’s clothing company, is also using a catalog for the first time. About 20% of Bonobos’ new consumers are now placing orders after receiving one of the company’s catalogs. They spend 1.5 times longer shopping on their website than those who didn’t receive a catalog according to a recent Wall Street Journal article.

If you’re thinking about starting your first catalog feel free to contact one of the Dingley sales reps. Our experienced team can help you produce your first catalog.