Direct mail marketing of any sort can be a costly — although remarkably worthwhile — endeavor. It’s assumed that this is mostly due to postal costs, which admittedly are significant. However, by working with a mailing professional like The Dingley Press, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of the best rates and co-mailing opportunities available. So, where else can a catalog specialist help you see significant savings?


One of the most frequently overlooked catalog costs is paper. Of course, we wouldn’t have catalogs without this precious resource, but you shouldn’t let your marketing plan’s dependence on this tool be cause to over-invest.


Paper may be the second highest expense in catalog production, but there are plenty of options for making your paper spend more economical. Consider all of these options when making your decision:


  • Weight – If you use lighter-weight paper, you’ll pay less in postage.
  • Grade – The higher the grade, the higher the cost.
  • Page count – Opt for even signatures, which require fewer passes through the printing press.
  • Page size – Converting to a standard size, such as Dingley’s RightSize™, can allow you to maximize your page count while taking advantage of significant cost savings .
  • House paper – See which popular papers your printer buys in bulk; many offer discounts for using one of these common papers in your print runs.
  • Source – Where your printer gets their paper directly impacts your bottom line. Look for a printer that gets its paper from nearby sources so you’re not inadvertently paying a markup for their inbound shipping expenses.


If you’re hesitant to invest in catalog marketing based on cost, then it’s time to give The Dingley Press a call. Not only can our print and mail experts guide you to a catalog option that fits your vision and your budget, but we can also help you realize significant savings in your material costs along the way. Let Dingley show you how to make the most of your marketing investment, one page at a time.