Today, people all over the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with their favorite pint of beer. But before you head out to your favorite Irish Pub we’re going to provide you four shamrock marketing tips that you don’t want to forget.

Digital – Nothing compliments your direct mail catalog better than having digital components. Providing consumers various ways to see your products and services is expected in our multi-channel world. Consider a digital edition for those leprechauns looking for an online version of your catalog. After all, an in-home viewing experience, or even one in the pub, can certainly be valuable and wanted when looking for that perfect purchase.

Consumers – Understanding your consumer is important. Some love Guinness beer and others like their tried and true Miller, but not knowing their preference can be the difference between increasing sales or having a troubling year. Okay, maybe you don’t sell beer, but the fact is that your merchandising team needs to understand buying behaviors. Get to know your consumers ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’. This targets purchasing decisions.

Creative – Just like Green is the flagship color of St. Patrick’s Day, maybe your marketing campaigns can be centered around colors that create emotion and memorable experiences. If you have an online store or a brick and mortar, mirror the design of your catalog to match that experience. Being consistent develops your brand message.

Conversation – St. Patrick’s Day is about community togetherness and so should your catalog. It’s about having a story to tell and it opens dialogue with your consumers leaving them wanting more. The opportunities are endless.

As you head out of the office for a pint of your favorite beer remember our marketing tips and be safe!