Stand out Direct mail is an effective way for your company to stand out. With mail order exceeding two trillion in sales, it is vital for your catalog to engage customers and prospective customers without throwing your marketing budget away.

Customers are inundated with information on a daily basis, therefore it is important that your catalog is relevant to your mailing list.  Catalog sales work when the right catalog is offered to the right customer. So, how do you optimize your revenue per catalog?

Page Count Matters

Reducing your page count does not equal money saved. In fact, it is the opposite. Return on investment (ROI) will increase with added pages. For example, a 10% increase in pages will equal approximately 5% increase in sales. This is a cost effective way to boost sales. Working closely with USPS, Dingley will ensure catalog weights are not exceeded, which will change postage expense.

Are you considering an expansion in page count to increase sales? With the trusted knowledge specific to the catalog industry, Dingley will assist you with increasing your ROI by guiding your company to the most profitable gain with increased page count.

Page Planning

With the product or merchandise available consider the benefits of adding density to your catalog. Excellent print design means your customers are drawn to the product in the way of which you want them to view it. Guide them with a clear, concise design to must have items or products. If the customer does not know where to look first, you will lose their interest.

Be mindful of product count per page. This should not increase or decrease with the added page count. The same number of items should remain, per page, to maximize sales.

Square Inch Analysis

How profitable is your offer? With the increase in page count it is vital to assess and verify the success of your marketing strategy.

Utilize square inch analysis software to assist in the designation of space in subsequent catalogs. Consider eliminating items that are underperforming.



Bounce Backs

Consider promotional inserts packed with every sale. Satisfied customers will more than likely make a future purchase. Adding an incentive will generate future purchases and guide customers to share their positive shopping experience with friends and family.

More Ways to Purchase

While customers will purchase directly through the mail it is vital to capture the remaining customers who prefer the digital world. The key to customer success is the power of choice.

Maximize profits by offering three ways to buy which include mail order, online, and by phone.

Make sure your offers are clear enough to grab the customer’s attention to prevent a decline in response rates.

With the right ingredients coupled with Dingley’s dedication, customer response will be at its best. The more value your customers can elicit from your catalog mailings the greater the response will be.