We’ve assembled some ideas that may help you increase your sales in 2013. This list isn’t a complete list, but it may provide some interesting ways to increase those conversion rates.

Have you thought about going global? This may not be an easy task, but reaching a larger audience may increase brand awareness and drive sales revenue. Maybe start with having your website cater to multiple languages. This step might actually attract new buyers in the U.S. who mainly speak Spanish.

To increase average order vales you could deploy recommendation tools (like Amazon does) that suggest additional product options for shoppers.

For repeat customers send more e-mail marketing messages triggered from abandoned shopping carts. Make sure these messages are personalized and that they have specific offers in the message.

Analytic and site measurement tools are a must for any e-commerce website. Knowing how many, who, and how often are key measurements to ensure you’re getting traffic and conversion rates.

Do you have sales or clearance pages? These are the first places I look when visiting a website. Consumers, more than ever, want the most bang for their buck.

Add customer ratings or reviews to your website. Consumers want to know the product performs as stated and there’s nothing better than other shopper reviews to confirm this for them.

Can your website visitors search by price, brand, new arrivals, colors and other attributes? These help your consumers find what they want quickly and help avoid them leaving your website for another that has these features.

Offer multiple product views. Sometimes one picture isn’t enough to accurately represent the product and it’s features. Don’t be afraid to have lifestyle pictures too. These help consumers understand usage and size.

Just because mobile devices don’t make up a high percentage of your website traffic today doesn’t mean this will continue in the future. These devices (tablets and smartphone) are still in their early stages of growth and continue to increase in popularity. Mobile optimize your website to ensure this channel is available for those shoppers who want to learn more about you and your products/services. A good start to engage mobile customers is to deploy your first mobile app. You’d be surprised how easy and expensive this can be.

Are there other ideas you plan to deploy in 2013 to help increase sales?