At the end of the day, you want to put your marketing dollars where they make the most difference.

According to the DMA Response Rate Report by IWCO Direct, the ROI of direct mail is 15%-17%.

The same research points out that this is equivalent to the return from social media marketing (or at least social media is potentially this high, because social media ROI is notably difficult to track), and direct mail has a significantly higher response rate than digital channels.

Of course having a secure online presence is valuable, but if you don’t have a catalog in your marketing mix, then you’re missing out on a very lucrative touch point.

The hesitation many businesses have with catalogs and direct mail in general is the up-front investment cost. There’s no denying that it’s more expensive than a Facebook or email campaign, but as the DMA points out, the end result is much higher-impact.

“Where online marketing is passive, direct mail is active. Direct mailings are proactive and tactile — demanding that the recipient do something with it,” DMA says. “The better response rates make the return on the investment worthwhile for both retention and acquisition.”

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