Going Places You’ve Never Been

The Dingley Press pushes the boundaries of the electronic catalog. Mobile devices
such as smartphones and tablets allow your consumers to access information anywhere and
everywhere. More people are reading catalogs in electronic format and we
understand the growing need for e-catalogs. Some benefits include:

  • Digital catalogs are inexpensive and easy to create. We use your print-ready PDF file to create them. One added bonus is the ease to correct errors that might be found in your printed catalog.
  • Orders can be placed directly from your digital catalog, this saves time and money.
  • Our digital catalog is searchable, which means users can enter a search term to find products quickly.

Connected and Current

Dingley takes digital catalog technology and service to a new level. Some features are: audio, video, and links to your special content. Imagine your products coming to life through:

  • Navigation (Content, Thumbnails, Page Flip, Zoom, Pan)
  • Standard or Auto-Flip Icon Links
  • Table of Content links
  • Website links
  • Email links
  • Special page marker tabs (mimic physical bookmarks)
  • Drop-down menus displaying special content pages, offers and/or archives
  • Sticky Notes
  • Keyword search
  • Social sharing media links

Crunch Numbers

In addition, we also offer a comprehensive analytics package which provides access to meaningful data on readership, promotion effectiveness and demographics. This means you can work smarter to increase sales. Make your digital catalog dynamic by adding rich media features to better engage buyers and expand your reach.

Digital Editions help consumers find things they didn’t even know they needed. Unlike a website, consumers typically browse through a catalog cover-to-cover.

Contact your Dingley sales representative to learn more.