Connecting with customers on an emotional level has never been more important than it is now. Fortunately, catalogers have access to plenty of data that can enhance the customer experience.

Catalogers use data about their readers’ habits and responses to tailor catalogs to their customers. That kind of data guides catalogers as they ponder multiple production factors:

  • CommunicationIntelligent Way to Talk to Cus
  • How many print copies to run
  • The right time to add a mobile app
  • What content works both in print and online
  • What online content would best supplement print content
  • How features such as QR codes enhance readers’ experience

Many catalogers take this kind of analysis further, using customer data to not only reach out to new customers but also to connect with existing customers at all points of the sales cycle.

Capturing information and using it wisely

However, in order to use customer data effectively, you first have to collect relevant information.

The Dingley Press can help with that process. We provide a match back service that gives catalogers the opportunity to see which customers placed an order, what products they ordered, and other information that’s useful in tailoring future catalogs.

Make it personal

Using customer data to personalize catalog and product offerings is all about creating an emotional bond between your company and your customer. That kind of bond is created when your catalog branding and product lines show how well you understand your customers’ wants and needs.

The Dingley Press helps catalogers improve and fine tune their marketing efforts in various ways. There are many different strategies used by catalogers:

  • Produce different catalog versions for different customers
  • Use variable inkjet to provide personalized offers
  • Create personalized wrappers or other enhancements for promotions

Direct marketing is more important than ever. But creating an emotional connection with your customer requires a delicate balance between being available for customers and not bombarding them with marketing efforts.

Your Dingley Press representative will help you use customer data to create just-right marketing for different customer segments. This is the kind of cataloging that resonates with readers and drives product sales.