This may seem counter-intuitive in our tech-driven world, but these findings point to the fact that there are perks offered by paper that its digital counterparts can never recreate — and consumers are embracing them. Here are three reasons people prefer paper:

  • An opportunity to focus. It’s hard to feel truly disconnected while reading on a phone or tablet. The lure of checking an email or replying to a text is palpable, and it’s easy to get distracted. Physical books, journals, magazines, and catalogs are the only way to be immersed without distraction.


  • An authentic, lasting experience. Paper can be touched, displayed, gifted, reused, and remembered. For these reasons, print materials have more applications and longevity than their digital counterparts.


  • A digital intermediary. Paper offers a break from technology without being isolating. In fact, print materials have the unique ability to “bridge the gap” between both worlds. Incorporating creative advertising, QR codes, and other tech-friendly features helps readers feel in control of their connectivity as they transition back to their devices.

These preferences confirm what we’ve known for a long time: Paper is here to stay. As demand for paper continues to surge, make sure you’re working with a printer that has the capacity and capability to help you keep up. Your catalog is in good hands at The Dingley Press. With our size, skills, and attentiveness, you’ll always be able to meet your consumers’ growing desires for engaging, tech-savvy reading materials.