Media planetYour catalog is just one part of a much larger brand identity that includes your website, social media pages, and other outlets. But all these various channels can (and should) work together to enhance your brand identity and strengthen it with customers.

But social media success involves a lot more than simply putting up a Facebook page. It takes time, a strategy and a lot of work. So how can you design a social media strategy that attracts customers to your catalog?

Make your social media and catalog work better together:

  • Use your print catalog to drive more customers to your app, website, and social media pages to increase the interaction between channels.
  • Use social media (especially Pinterest) as a place to introduce new products and new uses for your existing products, keeping customer interest high.
  • Respond quickly to customer service issues via social media. Actively participating and responding to posts shows how responsive your company is to customer needs. Plus, having ongoing conversations with customers helps build their loyalty to your brand.

So what are some concrete strategies any cataloger can use to build the relationship between your print catalog and your online presence?

  • Get the word out — Include information about your social media presence in your print catalog so customers can find you easily on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other networks.
  • Return the favor — Just as you promote your social media in your print catalog, you should also promote your digital catalog and print catalog in your email blasts.
  • Get the most out of your content — Repurpose content from your catalog and website, and promote it on social media. The idea is to reach as many users as possible, so use as many outlets as you can! (But do vary the content to make the message fit the medium.)
  • Use powerful images — Bold graphics and eye-catching photos keep readers interested both in print and online.
  • Get social visitors engaged — Offer contests, promotions, and other events that help you gather leads and mailing list signups. Include those visitors on your email and catalog lists.
  • Automate — Pre-schedule your social media posts and tweets (so they are sure to go out regularly), but personalize your responses to comments.
  • Give your customers a place to be seen and heard — Let them post photos of themselves with your products and deliver advice to other users.

A social media strategy is a commitment because it has to be regularly updated with content and you must stay on top of customers’ comments. Make sure your social strategy is integrated with your print and digital catalogs so they all support each other.

Your print catalog is the foundation for all your marketing efforts, so make sure it’s working for you efficiently. Talk with your Dingley representative about ways you can integrate digital media promotions into your print catalog. Contact The Dingley Press at 888-346-4539 or