Holiday Mobile Shopping Promotion was approved by the PRC on August 7, 2012. Paul Miller, Vice President & Deputy Director of the ACMA, outlined the promotion and benefits today in a letter to the ACMA members.

Dingley can help you engage mobile consumers and qualify for this year’s Holiday Mobile Shopping Promotion by building and hosting a simple, user-friendly, custom branded mobile optimized website for you. This standalone website doesn’t replace your existing site, it compliments it by showcasing just a few of your products/services. We can also help with registration for the promotion and the creation of QR codes. The best part is that it’s not too late to participate ― it only takes 2 or 3 days to build and deploy your mobile optimized site. If you already have a mobile optimized website and need additional information on this promotion feel free to contact your Dingley sales representative or Rob Nowak. We are happy to provide you with what you need, and test your website and QR code for free.