Earlier this year, the USPS led the annual National Postal Forum. This four day event focused on increasing the success and viability of the mailing industry. Their innovative approach for connecting the digital world to your customer’s mailbox will continue to energize your direct mail campaign, now and into the future.TechnologyUSPS

The Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer of the Postal Service, Megan J. Brennan, lead an inspiring and informative keynote speech, which focused on the innovative development of mailings due to advances in digital technology.

How will the digital changes play a role in the USPS? Brennan stated, “Our vision is not confined to what we can accomplish in the next year or two. We have to continue to build and focus on the long term reward.”

In the not so distant future, the USPS will launch a tool, already in the test phase, which will allow your catalog customers to have a wealth of knowledge placed in their hands, displayed right on their smartphones. This mobile app will be launch in early 2017 to all US postal zip codes. Across the country, subscribers will be notified when their mail has been delivered. Brennan adds, “Informed delivery creates an opportunity to bring your mail and packages onto the smartphone and devices of the American Consumer.”

Your direct mail campaign will now include a digital offer with your mailings. With seventy percent of NYC testers utilizing this App on a daily basis and ninety percent of testers opening notifications four times a week or more, this is an effective way to reach more of your catalog customers.

With the launch of this App and changes ahead, the USPS proposes adding two free ounces of mailed content for commercial customers. This free addition will begin in January of 2017, if approved. The USPS recognizes the impact reduced shipping costs have on direct mail campaigns. Brennan felt that this offer would be “an effective way to increase the value of mail for the sender and deliver more content to the consumer.”

With positive changes underway, your direct mail campaign will continue to thrive in the era of digital growth and innovation. The future of mailed content is growing.