If your catalog marketing strategy has mainly focused on traditional sized catalogs, why not explore an alternative catalog size to supplement your catalog mailings?

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Utilizing additional catalog formats throughout the year helps maintain a dynamic marketing plan to attract the attention of, not only millennials, but of loyal customers as well. Let’s explore how a slim-jim catalog can work for you.

How does a Slim-Jim measure up to a full size catalog? 

By comparison, the total square inches of both catalog formats can be the same, but a slim-jim will require more pages. A 24 page full size catalog with a trim size of 8” x 10-1/8” totals 1,944 sq. inches and a 32 page Slim Jim with a trim size of 6” x 10-1/8” also totals 1,944 sq. inches.  It will require more manufacturing dollars to print the slim-jim format due to more pages, but the postage savings will offset those costs.

With both catalogs offering comparable total square inches, you may be wondering why opting for a Slim Jim makes marketing sense. Here are some advantages to adding a Slim Jim into your marketing plan:

Slim-Jims can be used to:

  • Drive clearance sales
  • Feature new items
  • Preview upcoming products
  • Introduce a new product line
  • Pre-order “coming soon” items
  • Gain attention of lapsed customers
  • Highlight Seasonal Products
  • Boost your catalog mailings, creating more visibility
  • Divide products based on your house file, which allows for diverse mailings by targeting various age groups.

Consider a Slim-Jim when:

  • A distinctive item does not flow with other products and would benefit from a separate mailing.
  • There is a vast price difference between groups of items in the catalog. Segment these items and target your mailings accordingly.
  • Your full size catalog appears crowded and specific items would gain interest if allocated more space.
  • A slim-jim may be less overwhelming for customers to browse through, due to its smaller size and devotion to a select group of items.

When looking at ways to freshen your marketing plan, consider the advantages of this catalog size. Slim-jims generally do not have the same response rate as standard catalog formats so using them in the right spot is key.  Not sure where to start? Dingley’s dedication to your catalog needs and expertise can guide you in the right direction.