For anyone in the marketing realm, it’s been impossible to miss the buzz surrounding Account Based Marketing (ABM) the past year. This B2B-focused strategy aims to sidestep the sales funnel, align sales and marketing teams, and greet specific customers and prospects head-on, solving their problems in a unique, personalized, and more direct way. And it’s working — according to ITSMA, more than 80% of B2B marketers who measure ROI report ABM as one of their highest-performing marketing initiatives.

If you’re not firmly planted in the B2B sector, you’re likely tuning out ABM, perhaps believing that this level of customization isn’t possible or worthwhile on a larger, consumer-centric scale. While it may not be relevant to launch a full ABM initiative for your business, this strategy holds some valuable tactics that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Regardless of which segment you serve, it’s always smart to put greater focus on personalized content and strengthening the connection between your sales and marketing teams. Use your catalog to integrate these beneficial ABM hallmarks in an effective way:

  • Targeted lists: If you take anything from ABM, it’s this: Market to the groups you want to sell to. For catalogers, this emphasizes something we’ve known for a long time — that a relevant, targeted list is key. When you share your catalog with the right people at the right frequency, you’ll get a greater response, so work with a cataloger that takes your list quality seriously.
  • Customized content: While purchasing decisions and sales patterns between B2B and B2C customers are vastly different, consumers from both camps are more likely to interact when the buying experience is personalized. To make your catalog’s content stand out, spend more time learning about your customers, creating personas, and developing content that addresses their concerns in a direct, strategic way.
  • Interactive features: Take personalization to a new level by offering extra features to engage your readers. Tech-savvy shoppers will appreciate the perks and ease offered by digital catalogs, mobile apps, and interactive print — and the sales and marketing teams will appreciate the various platforms on which customers can learn more about and, ultimately, purchase products.

If your catalog doesn’t incorporate these beneficial ABM strategies, then it’s time to talk to The Dingley Press. We’ll show you how to make your catalog the most effective tool in your sales and marketing mix.