All good things take time. Or so we’ve heard.3-ways-to-make-your-catalog-better-faster

Yet most marketing trends are headed — rather quickly — in the other direction. In our real-time, ever-connected society, speed and flexibility are assets.

Of course, this sort of real-time marketing isn’t exactly something that gets associated with cataloging. This time of year makes that sentiment particularly obvious: While friends and family are engulfed in a festive mindset, catalogers are already prepping for the sunnier seasons of the year ahead.

Although successful long-term marketing campaigns will always rely on dedicated planning, the freedom to make last-minute adjustments to your print campaigns can set you apart. From manufacturing snafus to social trends, you want your catalog to be as fresh as possible.

That’s why The Dingley Press has taken steps to enhance the agility and efficiency of our clients’ catalog programs. From planning to proofing and beyond, we have the technology to make your catalog cutting-edge and help you take control of your schedule:

  • Last-minute substitutions – Our PrePress services include the best technology and staff, making us capable of handling even the most demanding quality and schedule requirements.
  • Easy proofing – Approve content within minutes with Kodak In-Sight ™, our powerful Internet portal that’s connected to our PrePress system.
  • Everywhere access – Take control of when and how your catalog is consumed with responsive, sophisticated options like TDP Digital Catalogs and TDP Mobile Apps, which make the real-time functionality of the digital world a reality.

With tools like this at your fingertips, your catalogs will be more relevant than ever before. If you’re interested in taking advantage of these perks, then give The Dingley Press a call. Together, we can create an impressive catalog program fits your marketing needs and your schedule.