Mobile access is not just a ‘nice thing to have’ anymore

In the age of instant access, you need to stay on the cutting edge. That’s why we’ve collaborated with the best developers in the world to build The Dingley Press (TDP) Digital and TDP Mobile Applications.

TDP Digital and TDP Mobile are state-of-the art platforms that allow buyers to access your catalog on their smartphones or tablets anytime, and they receive push notifications on their devices every time you release a new catalog.

Stay Visible

TDP Mobile converts dynamic content to a variety of mobile platforms making your content visible everywhere you want it to be. TDP Mobile easily integrates with today’s most popular mobile devices and is fully searchable on iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Kindles.

Engage Your Audience

Mobile catalogs captivate readers in ways that traditional formats cannot. Audio visual features and reader feedback options hold readers’ attention and keep potential buyers engaged.

Track Your Success

TDP Mobile Catalog apps allow you to manage and analyze the success of your mobile catalogs with our unique analytics program. Or, if you prefer, you can integrate TDP Mobile Editions with your existing Google Analytics platform.

Your Own App

We can help you market TDP Mobile through the creation of a custom app icon consistent with your branding. We’ll handle the integration with the Apple® Store and the Android Market, letting you put each issue in your audience’s hands without consuming your valuable in-house resources.


*TDP Digital (The Dingley Press Digital) and TDP Mobile (The Dingley Press Mobile) are the exclusive brands of our unique state-of-the art technology.

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