What do you think of when you hear the word “millennial”? Entitled and needy, or savvy and creative? Maybe it’s all of the above, or something different entirely.

There’s no denying that “millennial” is a hot buzzword; however, those who receive the designation are often less-than-thrilled with it. That’s because generalized connotations like these are frequently attached to this group, which depending on who you ask, can include anyone born between 1977 and 2000.

All feelings aside, millennials cover a wide age group spanning a variety of life stages — from students to singles to parents. And there are a lot of them: The U.S. Census Bureau found that there are 75.4 million millennials born between 1981 and 1997, officially making them more populous than the baby boomers.

To state the obvious, this group has massive spending power. Successfully connecting with millennials is a marketing dream come true. However, it’s easy to oversimplify what this huge, diverse group responds to.

Yet, regardless of individual differences, being brought up with technology and having broad access to affordable mobile devices has created several shared ideals within this global age group. Here are four must-haves to include in your millennial marketing mission:

  1. Authenticity: Millennials tend to commit to brands with a certain lifestyle appeal or mission they agree with.
  2. Mobility: There’s no wiggle room on this one; you must have apps and a great mobile site.
  3. Connectivity: You have to talk to them in the right spots, because they’re blind to pop-up ads and tend to subconsciously filter out other traditional forms of advertisement. Remember they’re social media savvy, visually influenced, and love videos. They also really like getting mail.
  4. Customization: This generation wants to feel like they’re appreciated. They also like finding a good deal, and they’re often willing to brand-hop to get it. Showing your appreciation by offering regular incentives — from discounts to free shipping — can improve brand loyalty.

To wrap all of this into one millennial-friendly package, you need to have a solid omnichannel marketing strategy in place that helps you connect with this lucrative audience online, on the go, and at home. Don’t forget this needs to include direct mail. Catalogs and magalogs are one of the most authentic, attention-grabbing ways to connect with millennials. If you’re looking for unique ways to make these print materials stand out, give us a call. The Dingley Press can help you create catalogs that get results — from any generation.