Mother and daughter (16-17) reading magazineCreating a connection with your customers is about more than reaching out to them; it’s also about how you reach out to and interact with them. Giving customers additional ways to use the resources you offer them means that they stay engaged with your brand and your site. The secret to doing that is to make your catalogs more interactive.

Online versions of your catalog are engaging and a great way to drive traffic to your site. Digital catalogs allow customers to:

  • Create wish lists for future use.
  • Share with friends and family.
  • View rich media, including video files.
  • See additional product images, colors, and styles.
  • View products from various angles.
  • Compare products.

Of course, the original print catalog is also interactive in its own way — you can relax with it on the couch for a leisurely perusal, circle interesting products, dog-ear pages that have items you’d like to buy, and view the contact information to go online and place an order.

Readers still spend plenty of quality time with print catalogs, so they’re here to stay! But perhaps a combination of the two is the best choice: print catalogs that contain promos to drive customers to your website or make use of interactive technologies such as quick response (QR) codes and augmented reality.

Not only are augmented reality and QR codes a great way to interact with your customers, but they are often the focus of money-saving USPS promotions as well. Our QR code webinar explains how this technology works and how our customers are using it.

If you’re not sure about how these emerging technologies can best be used to create the immersive experience your customers crave, contact your Dingley Press representative and we’ll help you explore your options.

Your print catalog is the foundation for all your marketing efforts, so make sure it’s working for you. Talk with your Dingley Press representative about ways you can make both your print and digital editions interactive for readers. Contact The Dingley Press at 888-346-4539 or